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From Box, to Bike to a Home Far- away.

Sometimes the path to a rescue can be unusual to say the least. In the case of these two male baby kitties the story is most unique.

A man was biking through Arkansas on a state-to state ride on his goal journey to Florida. As he traveled, he found two baby kittens in a box, injured, malnourished, and heading toward a tragic end. In spite of his own perilous journey, he took the kittens, placed them in a carrier, and strapped them to his bike, continuing his journey with two new comrades. 


A kind soul spotted the pet crate and wandered over to the man who was parked in a convenience store lot. Inquiring about what was in the crate, she learned of the story of finding these two 6 - 7 week old golden kittens starving, bleeding, and alone in a box. "Can I help?" " You won't kill them will you?" With some assurances the samaritan promised to bring them to the vet, get them cared for, fed, and neutered. The bicyclist realized that the back of a bike is not place for babies and with that, they were brought to the vet for the promised care via Arkansas Angels for Animals.


Second Chance Animal Rescue was contacted and of course we invited these two cherubs back to the island to be with us and find their forever homes. Well, they arrived, and yes indeed, they are now in their new family, surrounded by the love and care that all of our furry friends deserve. Thank you to that wonderful man who began this unusual rescue and to the person who intervened and changed their path which led to our island. A true holiday story of compassion and giving. Come visit us and find your new forever pet. Share your love...

"I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers...."

                                                                   Tennessee Williams.

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