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Double the Love

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After finding Micah on Petfinder, I knew that my husband Curtis, our 2.5 year old daughter Olivia, and I needed to take the ferry over to MV to meet that sweet little face. Before our visit, I quickly connected with the volunteers (especially Linda) at the rescue center who were prompt and pleasant with their communication about Micah, the other cats available for adoption, and their rescue center.

From the start, I had such positive feelings about adopting from SCAR. Once we arrived, there was no doubt that my feelings were spot-on, as the center exceeded my expectations in every way. The deep dedication, care, and love that the volunteers have for the cats and kittens was profound. In fact, it was bringing me to tears as I looked around and witnessed first hand the difference that was being made in their lives and what their futures now hold.

They say that animals "find their owners" and this certainly happened to us upon our visit, as a loving 3-year old female named Oreo simply wouldn't leave my husband's side. She "told us" that she wanted to join Micah in being part of our family. After a short while, we happily departed Martha's Vineyard with "double the love" in our cat carrier, eager to welcome both Micah and Oreo into our home.

We are so pleased to say that Micah and Oreo have settled in well, living the dream with our other cat Leonardo. Their presence fills our home with love and certainly lots of entertainment from their funny little antics! Our positive communication continues with SCAR as we (voluntarily) send them regular updates on how the kitties are doing, which clearly brings them great joy as their concern for their animals is clearly never-ending.

With sincere appreciation,

Lynn Pike

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